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Greenkeepers environmental Education Panel

Meet the Speakers


Over the last nine years, Shyamala Suresh has worked in awareness, advocacy, and behavior change in the field of Solid Waste Management, with a focus on eliminating single-use disposables and responsible management of waste that is generated. Her work focuses on finding ways to create change at the ground level starting with conducting awareness sessions on the implications of mixed waste, advocating for sustainable menstrual hygiene products, to helping people compost at home. She also works with the Solid Waste Management Round Table (SWMRT), and Green the Red in Bengaluru on programs related to Waste and Composting and is also one of the Founding members of, India's first Whole Food Plant Based Social Enterprise. Sampoorna Ahara is an environmentally progressive enterprise that is local, plant-based, & zero waste.

Shyamala Suresh

Kristina Lynn is a wildlife biologist in the Pacific Northwest specializing in applied ecology and coastal ecosystems. Her field experience includes researching the impact of linear disturbances on carnivore and ungulate behaviour in Northern Alberta, rehabilitating rescued cougars in the Bolivian Amazon, studying big cat movement in Southern California’s changing human-wildlife interface, and protecting coastal habitats on Vancouver Island. She also runs a popular Youtube channel with an audience of over 27,000 biologists and non-biologists interested in environmental science careers and ethical and intersectional sustainability. 

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Kristina Lynn


Jeff Sharpe

Jeff Sharpe is the founder and Executive Director of Sustainable Learning, which is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit sustainability education organization. In this Sustainable Summer program, we help groups of high school students from around the world understand and design solutions to environmental problems. He has been working with young people for over two decades as an educator, not all of it in the field of sustainability education although that has been the case for the past ten years or so. As an educator, he has designed programs around some of these topical areas since it is an opportunity for him to engage intellectually in fascinating subjects while also creating a space for others to learn. He feels immensely privileged to work with youth that care as much about the environment as he does. It is the hope and knowledge that these students will go on to build a better future for all of us that keeps him doing what he does professionally.

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