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Upcoming Events


Kaylee Wei and Meher Mehta

Feb 1-5: City of Fremont Climate Talks

Discussing the Numbers

From February 1 to February 5, the City of Fremont is hosting a virtual climate talk to discuss and provide updates on its Climate Action Plan (CAP). Each day will focus on different topics:


Monday (2/1/21): Energy and Buildings

Tuesday (2/2/21): Land Use and Transportation

Wednesday (2/3/21): Materials, Waste, and Food

Thursday (2/4/21): Water and Nature in the City

Friday (2/5/21): Green Business and Market Innovation

Attendees can ask questions to area experts and provide feedback and ideas regarding the CAP. Register here.

Feb 7, 13, 21, 27: Let in the Wow

Join the Sierra Club on the weekends to destress and relax through meditation and slow-walking practices. Enjoy the fresh air in your backyard and connect to the present. Find more information about this event and sign up here. To learn more about the Sierra Club’s future events, see their calendar

Green Buildings

Feb 19: Rebuilding Paradise

Join the San Francisco Planning and Urban Research Association’s premiere of the film Rebuilding Paradise, which explores the rebuilding of California cities after the recent devastating fires. Is racism involved in determining which areas get rebuilt? Who gets to stay, and who has to leave? Register for this virtual event here, and see their calendar for more events here.  

Feb 27: International Polar Bear Day

Join the Polar Bears International on February 27 to learn about the challenges that polar bears are facing in a warming Arctic climate. Throughout the day, starting at 7 AM PST and ending at 3 PM PST, this virtual event will feature experts from all around the world who will discuss their research, share ways to prevent climate change, and answer any burning questions. Join their live webinar on their Facebook page here, and learn more about Polar Bears International here.

Polar Bear on Rocks
talking on phones

March 25: COVID-19 Phone-banking

In these troubling times, immigrants, refugees, and working class families need reliable information and resources to combat COVID-19. Volunteer with the Asian Pacific Environmental Network to phone-bank from the comfort of your own home while assisting families. Learn more about this event and register here

April 22: Earth Day

Earth and Space

In response to COVID-19 last year, EARTHDAY.ORG--founded at the world's first Earth Day in 1970--hosted a virtual speaker event featuring experts from all over the world. Speakers answered questions and shared solutions to climate change throughout the day-long event.

This year, with lockdown still in place, EARTHDAY.ORG expects to host a similar event. Learn more about their mission and sign up for updates about this year’s Earth Day here.

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