Got questions?

What exactly is greenkeepers?

Greenkeepers is essentially a tight-knit environmental group that aims to do more than just raise awareness in our local community – we hope to lead by example. We are focused on actually changing the environment and the way we utilize our limited resources. We change our own life style on top of encouraging those around us to change.question.question1.answer1

What makes Greenkeepers different from other organizations?

A fundamental difference between the way our group works and many other charity groups is that instead of having a clear cut president, vice president, etc., we opt for a system where the leaders are what we call “core members”. This methodology allows for more ideas to be generated and prevents dictatorship. Moreover, we are very open to new ideas and since we are a small organization, it allows us to entertain basically any idea we feel is worthwhile.

What does Greenkeepers aim at bringing forward to the community?

We believe that: 1. Environmental issues are a universal responsibility; it matters not whether we are the government or the citizens…as long as we live in this world, we are responsible for it. 2. Big things start out small…thus we should start with the important first steps to kick-start a greener future. 3. Our efforts as Greenkeepers can bring a greener future :)

When did Greenkeepers start?

The China branch started in 2009. Our US branch started in 2014.

What are some of other strategies you might use to step forward in the community?

We hope to spread more awareness about the activities that we do in order to hopefully inspire more than just our immediate local community to take part in helping protect our environment.

Will you accept new members into the group too?

Of course! We encourage anyone living anywhere in the world to join us in creating a better future.

What will be some upcoming events people can look forward to?

You can check out our branch pages to see our respective current events.

Is Greenkeepers a fundraising group or a club?

Greenkeepers is more of a club as it gathers all those who feel passionately about the environment and feel a moral obligation to protect it. Protecting the environment does not mean refusing to use any of Earth’s resources; we aim to ensure the efficient and sustainable usage the scarce resources.