Greenkeepers USA was created out of the idea of turning a small, environmental club in China into an international organization dedicated toward spreading sustainable practices around the world. Since its inception in 2014, Greenkeepers USA has built a small following in the Bay Area and has become one of the founding organizations of Ecolabs. Follow us on our journey of social responsibility, innovation, and coffee shop meetings as we collaborate on building a sustainable future.


2021-2022 CORE MEMBERS



Hi there! My name is Jessica Lu and I am a junior at Mission San Jose High school. When I’m not at home, you can find me anywhere outside, hiking, surfing, camping or skiing. My favorite places to be are miles away from bustling cities and smack dab in the middle of nowhere. This said, I believe we have a role in maintaining the natural beauty around us and preserving the environment rather than exploiting it. When I joined Greenkeepers, I became part of a group of people that wished to pursue the same goal I had and gave me a space to educate others and help the environment.

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Hey! I’m Aneri Sheth and I’m a junior at Mission San Jose High School. I am a nature enthusiast and I love the outdoors whether I’m running, hiking, or just spending time in the fresh air. I became a vegan 2 years ago in order to help reduce my carbon footprint and I continue to strive to follow a more sustainable lifestyle.  Through Greenkeepers, I have been able to help make a difference in the sustainability of my community.

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Hi! I’m Arohi and I am currently a senior at Irvington High School. If I’m not doing school work, I’m probably off playing fetch with my bird or giving my dog peanuts (no, I didn’t switch them around!). I first joined Greenkeepers on a whim as I just started taking an interest in sustainability. It quickly became a full-blown passion of mine, allowing me to meet some incredible people and make a positive change on my community. I am thrilled to see what we do this year!

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Hey! I’m Kaylee Wei and I am currently a junior at Mission San Jose High School. Serving as one of Greenkeepers’ core members this year, I first became interested in climate change after volunteering at local cleanups and reading about its implications on marginalized groups. I have worked on projects to educate the student body and beautify my school campus. In my free time I enjoy playing the violin and learning about tech and the environment.

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Hey, y'all! I am Hema Madichetty, a junior at Irvington High School. I have always had a passion for social and environmental issues in the world, and Greenkeepers gives me the perfect platform to create a difference while pursuing projects that better the environment. I believe nature is our home and everybody has an obligation to take care of it and to be mindful of our actions. Outside of Greenkeepers, I like to bake and also love photography. Feel free to reach out to me on Facebook! Thanks! :))

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Hey guys! My name is Saarah, and I am currently a senior at Mission San Jose High School. I first discovered the need for climate action through a longtime hobby of mine: birdwatching. Since then, I have seen an increasing need for the integration of tech in the sustainability field. I really look forward to the projects we have planned for this year!

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Environmental Panel



Greenkeepers USA is hosting an Environmental Education Panel that is aimed towards educating high-school students about the wide range of jobs that can help the environment and promote sustainability. We have three amazing speakers that are going to share their experiences about working within their field.

Learn more about our speakers here.

Tree Planting

As the impacts of COVID-19 hit local communities hard, Greenkeepers members are working to give back to the community through a tree planting service called "Life for A Life" in efforts to honor those no longer with us from COVID-19. We are working towards reaching our goal of planting over 100 trees in Alameda County, CA. 

Learn more about this initiative here.

Tree Planting

Being Green In Quarantine

Organic Vegetable Farm

Being Green in Quarantine is an educational series initiated by members of the Greenkeepers USA team as a method of educating others on sustainable living while being in shelter in place. From informative infographics to videos, you can learn to implement different lifestyles that limit your enviromental footprint. 

Check out our posts on our instagram, facebook, and youtube channel!


Partnering with StopWaste, a public agency reducing waste in the Alameda county, members are raising awareness on America's overconsumption patterns, specifically in the field of food waste. Students are starting small in their local high schools to implement compost bins and boxes to reduce the amount of food ending up in landfills, and plan to revamp the school's food-share program to reduce food wastage.


Greenkeepers is constantly looking for new partners and organizations to work with. Whether you are an environmental NGO, looking for volunteer work, or searching for like-minded individuals, if you have similar passions and projects in mind, please contact us!