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Greenkeepers USA was created out of the idea of turning a small, environmental club in China into an international organization dedicated to spreading sustainable practices worldwide. Since its inception in 2014, Greenkeepers USA has built an impactful following in the Bay Area, completing dozens of projects to benefit diverse communities. Follow us on our journey of social responsibility, innovation, and coffee shop meetings as we continue building a green future.



Arisha Anne Bhattacharya



Nick Kan



I'm Arisha Anne Bhattacharya, joined Greenkeepers in 2022 during my junior year. I'm passionate about non-profits, especially for education and the environment. My future goal is to become a lawyer, but I also love writing and reading. Recently published my first book and run a blog for human rights activism. In my free time, I enjoy painting, walking with my golden retriever, and traveling. As the Events and Research co-head at Greenkeepers, I'm excited to plan engaging events and involve our community in making the world greener!

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Hi! I’m Sharvi, a senior at Mission San Jose high school, and I’m the core lead for the Social Media and Publicity team. I joined Greenkeepers in my freshman year because I wanted to do more for the world and specifically combat the climate crisis. I’m so excited to continue on with our ventures and projects! I can easily be found playing water polo, listening to music, or making food with my friends :) 

Nick (Zhen Yuan) Kan.jpeg

Hello! My name is Nick. I’m a senior at Mission San Jose High School, and I’m one of the core leaders for the engineering team. I am passionate about sustainability, and I hope to make a meaningful impact on environmental protection using innovative technology. I am also interested in reading, drawing, listening to music, and Architecture. At Greenkeepers USA, I am so excited to collaborate with like-minded individuals and contribute to nurturing a greener, more sustainable world. 🍀

Shirel Abraham






Hello! I'm Shirel Abraham, Events and Research Co-Lead at Greenkeepers. I'm passionate about environmental causes, particularly beaches. When not organizing impactful events, I enjoy mystery novels, TV shows like New Girl and Criminal Minds, and I enjoy pottery. As a survivor of AP Environmental Science, I bring genuine passion and understanding to Greenkeepers, eager to create meaningful change and unforgettable experiences! 🌿🌊


Heyyy! I’m Ishika, a senior at Mission San Jose High School and a social media core member. I’m very passionate about creating a greener future and a big advocate for sustainable fashion. My goal is to utilize social media to make a lasting change on the environment. My other hobbies include drawing, listening to music, and watching tv (I love Rick and Morty). I’m so excited to work with you guys and make the word a better place! 💕


Hi! I’m Evelyn, an eleventh grader at Mission San Jose High School, and I’m a core leader for the engineering team. My interests lie in raising awareness about environmental issues and making an impact through community-based projects. I’m also interested in how we can use technology to tackle environmental issues. 


Ashley Or
Asra Kakar
Ethan Liang
Kayla Zhang
Prisha Joshi
Rajorshi Chatterjee

Ritika Mhatre
Samanvitha Paderthi

Shashish Khanna

Shyam Narayan Sundararajan 
Sneha Narayan
Tara Hassanzadeh

USA Projects

current projects

For the 2022-23 season, we have three dedicated project groups: engineering, social media, and events/research. Welcome to the future.

Tree Planting

As the impacts of COVID-19 continue to impact our communities, Greenkeepers are working to ameliorate the effects of both the pandemic and climate change, through our "Life for a Life" COVID-19 memorial tree planting that we started in 2020. 

Learn more about this initiative here.

Tree Planting

sustainable transportation


The GK engineering team is working to develop an app to encourage sustainable transportation, allowing users to record instances of biking, walking, carpooling, and more. Users will receive rewards, which we're working on applying to real world prizes such as discounts at local participating businesses.


Our events/research team is in charge of collaborating with local middle and high schools to collect old toys, clothes, and other materials that will be donated to charities for those in need. Alongside this, we're working to promote sustainable and humanitarian alternatives to healthily pass on items we're no longer using. 

social media campaigns

Screenshot 2023-01-09 135901.png

Our social media team is working on launching monthly campaigns on our social media, with themes for each month! From learning how to have a sustainable holiday to getting involved in environmental justice campaigns, we hope to provide an important and engaging way to become environmentally conscious.


Our engineering team, in collaboration with Hack Club, organized an exceptional hackathon event called HackBackBetter 2023. This two-day event, held at the prestigious Hacker Dojo in Mountain View on April 22nd and 23rd, aimed to introduce middle and high school students to the exciting world of software development. During the event, we had the opportunity to present our organization, Greenkeepers, and shed light on our impactful initiatives. We also talked about how the power of artificial intelligence can play a crucial role in addressing  global challenges. Through our presentation, we showcased the ways in which AI can revolutionize the fight against climate change, from optimizing energy usage to developing innovative solutions for sustainable practices. 


Clothing swap


The clothing swap was an excellent way for all the members of Greenkeepers to bond. It helped the community as people had brought old clothes to exchange with other members/participants. Participants had brought on an average of about 10 clothes, including T-Shirts, pants, shorts, or hoodies. This amazing event had taken place in the old mission park near the benches,  the event had taken place for about 4 hours.  Other members had also set up a place for tote bag making, and a few members had also hand-made jewelry. Every participant and member had gotten a fresh-baked cookie, which was made by a small non-profit business. 


learn more 

Check out some posts from our socials to meet

the entire team and get a sense of our projects!

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