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Welcome to our recap of our most recent plantings. 


All through April and November, volunteers met at Fremont’s Sabercat trail to plant roughly 130 trees, each tree commemorating a lost community member who passed away from COVID-19.


This COVID-19 memorial tree planting initiative could not have taken place without the sheer hard work of our members, the kindness of our volunteers, and the generosity of our amazing sponsors—Atlassian, Cole Hardware, Harbor Freight, and 4UCam—as well as our collaborators—the Urban Forest Friends, the Arbor Day Foundation, and Microsoft. Both the Fremont mayor Lily Mei, the chair of the city’s planning commission Benjamin Yee, and dozens of Microsoft employees volunteered to help us plant. 

However, Life for a Life is not over yet! We aim to not only address the climate crisis but to also remember 2,100 lives lost due to COVID-19 in Alameda County. 

Day 1

Greenkeepers USA kicked off plantings on Saturday, April 3, 2021. Early Saturday morning on April 3, our volunteers helped plant our first 12 trees (4 madrone arbutus, 2 dwarf ginkgos, 2 western redbuds, and 4 coast live oaks) at the Paseo Padre entrance of Sabercat Creek Trail.


Our volunteers were trained by UFF (formerly TUFA, the Tri-City Urban Forestry Alliance), and we were privileged to have a special appearance by the City of Fremont mayor Lily Mei, as well as the chair of the city’s planning commission, Benjamin Yee.

day 2

Greenkeepers USA had its second planting on Saturday, April 17, 2021 at the same location, except farther along the road. Our volunteers helped plant 20 trees (10 coast live oaks, 4 western redbuds, and 6 dwarf ginkgos). 

day 3

Greenkeepers USA had its last April planting on the 24th. That Saturday morning, our volunteers helped plant 15 trees (8 coast live oaks, 3 dwarf ginkgos, and 4 western redbuds) to finish our row of trees along the roads surrounding Sabercat Trail. 

One of our core members was interviewed by KTVU Fox 2 News, who aired our event later that day!

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