GK 21 Day


During the Greenkeepers 21-Day Challenge, each day, participants completeted a task that’ll help the environment! For each day participants took part in the challenge and uploaded their proof under #GK21Days, they got an entry into a raffle to win…. A 20 dollar GIFT CARD/GIFT!

Congratulations to Jessica Wang​ for being our winner!

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Leaf Mulching Party


Despite windy conditions, members worked with LEAF, a non-profit with the mission to grow sustainable pesticide-free food, to build a new farm right in the heart of Fremont! Members began the first step by preparing the ground with sheet mulch. This process help's the normally dry soil absorb water and increase its fertility, fostering the growth of healthy plants.

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Sabercat Creek Restoration


Members from Greenkeepers worked with the City of Fremont on the restoration of the Sabercat Creek! We helped remove various invasive plants and poisonous hemlock. 

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GK 14 Days Online Challenge

02.01.18 - 02.14.18

During the Greenkeepers 14 Day Project, we encouraged participants to utilize green practices in their everyday routines and post a picture on social media to be entered in a raffle for a Hydroflask. 

Congratulations to the winner, Ana Ren, from Mission San Jose High School!

Greenkeepers Recycling Poster

Did you know that only 9% of "recycled materials" are actually recycled? With China's ban on recycling exportation and an increase on the regulation of recycling, members created a poster with recycling codes and logistics specific to their city's recycling codes. They were posted online on individual members' Facebook pages and displayed on public grounds. The goal of this project is to encourage students and citizens to have a good habit of recycling properly.

Recycled Crafts workshop


An afterschool arts and crafts workshop was hosted with Harvey Green Elementary. There, members informed elementary school students about the intricacy of recycling. All the material for the workshop was reused from cardboard, plastic caps,, paper, etc; we hope that it will serve as a gateway to promote future generations to recycle, reuse, and reduce!



Greenkeepers partnered with the City of Fremont to host a litter pickup event for high school students to get involved in making Lake Elizabeth, Central Park, a more beautiful place. More than 40 students attended to pick up trash from the park and recreational area.


How can we save water? Greenkeepers searched for conservation tips, made image drafts of each tip, and categorized each tip into levels of difficulty. The result of the month-long project was 14 images helping our viewers find new ways to conserve water. You can view these images on our Facebook page.



Greenkeepers members and other volunteers went to Sabercat Creek in Fremont, California, to help with restorations efforts in the riparian habitat.


The Toolkit is a guide for developing new ways to evaluate lifestyles and to gear them toward eco-friendly ends. The outlined strategies have been developed alongside Ecolabs,


After years of using the same site design, it is time to upgrade and to develop a space where visitors can easily access the information they want. We are building a site that is aesthetically pleasing and encompasses our values in Greenkeepers.


#sprout v2.0

Sprout 2.0 was the second gardening and workshop event for Greenkeepers and other volunteers to experience hands-on organic farming and to learn about how technology affects the environment.



The 2015 Recycling Drive was a continuation of the 2014 project of the same name and goal. Members took to the neighborhoods, collecting recycling materials whilst raising awareness and educating the public on the benefits of recycling.


#SproutGK was a workshop/gardening event organized by Greenkeepers and conducted at LEAF Stone Garden. Participants attended workshops where they developed problem-solving skills and learned about sustainable solutions. Participants also grew produce that went to the Tri-City Food Bank. 


Members took a research trip to the Alameda County Water Treatment Plant where they took a tour of the facilities and learned of the projects and experiments that biologists at the plant have conducted.

E-waste DRIVE

The goal of the E-Drive is to support the recycling of electronics in the Bay Area and to get the Greenkeeper's name out in the United States. Members collected and recycled old electronics from nearby neighborhoods.


Members participated in a Green Summit hosted by one of our sister organizations: FIERCE. Members listened to and networked with speakers ranging from environmental activists to large company executives.


As Greenkeepers USA was starting to get established, members started out with a simple project in order to consolidate a following within the local area, as well as to educated nearby neighborhoods in the benefits of practicing recycling.


Greenkeepers USA's first project was a creek cleanup in Los Gatos, San Jose. Members worked with the Los Gatos Creek Cleanup group to pick up litter around the creek.

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